Watching cartoons as a means of learning English

Hello everyone, we are glad to welcome you to our course «Watching cartoons as a means of learning English”. The course is designed for elementary and pre-intermediate  level students and is aimed at the the development of grammar, vocabulary and listening skills. Let us introduce the structure of the course. The course consists of five modules. Each module is a separate cartoon. There are five cartoons:  Taking Flight, Mike’s new car, Tangled ever after, Olaf’s frozen adventure and Puss in Boots.  Each module consists of several units. The first unit is the grammar block. You will watch a video lesson on a grammar topic that you will meet in the cartoon, and then you will pass a test to consolidate this topic. The second unit is a vocabulary/lexical block. There will also be a presentation of new words and practice. The third unit contains practical tasks such as crosswords, sentence order and comprehension questions. The last unit is the final listening test, which includes all the material studied. We are sure that our course will help you to improve your English in an easy and fun way! You will definitely enjoy it!


Module 1. Taking Flight 

Module 2 – Mike’s new car 

Module 3 – Tangled ever after 

Module 4 – Puss in boots: the three diablos 

Module 5 – Olaf’s frozen adventure

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