How to find a job for the graduates

nurataevadia · 28.03.2023

Course of Astana Group 2 pre-service students

In this course we looked at the problem of graduate students who could not find a job. At this stage of adulthood, everyone has asked themselves these questions: What do I have to do to find a job? How to find a job?  Where do I find a job? What do I have to say at a job interview? 

It is to these questions that we have provided answers for our friends. 

The aims of our course are:

– to help students find a job;

– to teach them how to create a CV;

– to share job search websites;

– to show a cover letter to the principal;

– to share internships;

– how to create their own social networking page;

– how to promote your personal brand;

– show how to prepare for an interview (mentally and physically)

We hope that our course will be really useful for our friends and they will be able to start their adult life without hesitation and with their first job.



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