A new course is aimed at developing and improving the skills of quiz game design and improving the background knowledge of the English language. This course is for all English lovers. It is a self-paced course that consists of 6 Modules, where the information is presented in videos and presentations.

About the course: The idea of creating an EasyQuizy game course has been contemplated and discussed for a pretty long period of time. For sure, it has been in the air! Now, we are delighted to present a brand new course dedicated to general information about the English language with the help of funny and memorable questions. This course consists of six modules with detailed information described in each. Welcome and enjoy every bit of it as much as we did while preparing these units.

About us: Our team is a group of girls who are always open to new experiences, talented, and at the same time have a good sense of humor, that is noticeable in any activities they create. All of us have a strong passion to learn not English, but also be useful for society.

Outcomes of the course: At the end of the course, you will have a good background about the quiz games, and be able to create and conduct quizzes for different events. You also have an opportunity to get the certificate by answering a pile of tricky questions about the content of the course.


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